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Our approach

Total Yacht Care works in project form, which means that we also apply a project-based approach. Because no project is the same, we organize a "Pre Project Meeting" before the start of this meeting. We want to make all stakeholders aware of the various variables, wishes, requirements, but also limitations, in order to ensure that our approach fits in with this as much as possible and delays or avoid disappointment afterwards.

New Construction

After the Pre Project Meeting our action plan follows:

  • Specific coating specification
  • Schedule
  • Checkpoints

This way we keep speed in the project and we guarantee the quality that is envisaged.


During the project, we prefer open communication in order to keep the planning of the various disciplines in line with each other as well as possible and to continue to close them.


During the implementation of the project, we regularly inform and involve the stakeholders in the progress of the project.
We take care of this at the hold & witness points laid down in the “Pre Project Meeting”. In order to give the client and / or owner as much insight as possible, we deliver a Coating diary and / or specifications of the project after delivery.

Custom Made

Because at Total Yacht Care we master all disicplines like no other, we are able to meet the highest requirements.


Due to the project-based approach, Total Yacht Care can take care of several projects simultaneously, both internationally on location and at various locations in the Netherlands, without compromising on quality. We relieve your yard as much as possible in terms of equipment and logistics.

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