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Our approach

Because every ship has a unique story, we always subject re-fit projects to a thorough inspection. if necessary, the inspection is carried out in collaboration with the client and inspectors so that as many insights as possible are collected and that we can proceed with a tailor-made plan. During this inspection, we look at the overall condition of the paint system and identify the wishes of the client as closely as possible, after which we will draw up a specified plan of action with the various stakeholders.


If you would like to know more about a re-fit, you can of course contact us without obligation.

Our specialists are happy to help you for more information or a possible inspection.


You can also come to us for regular maintenance work.

For more information regarding our service offer www.klikhier.nl


Total Yacht Care has many years of experience and its project-based approach is able to give a guarantee on the various maintenance activities.

Special effects

Because every ship is Unique, and because every owner is unique, there is nothing more beautiful than expressing this in a unique way.

With our years of experience, we can offer this unique appearance because we can spray your ship in any color and even effect.


Due to the project-based approach, Total Yacht Care can take care of several projects simultaneously, both internationally on location and at various locations in the Netherlands, without compromising on quality. We relieve your yard as much as possible in terms of equipment and logistics.


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